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Thanks again for the opportunity to get ahead and be able to get out this awful slump we've been in. You've given us the light at the end of the tunnel, we've been praying for it, thank you. - Carol and Louis

I'm using the Facebook marketing program and it ROCKS - you guys have truly developed an incredible program!!" - Gerald

Someone asked me today how I like Carl's stuff. My response was as simple as it gets. I would not be in business without him. - Jeff

I really appreciate all you and Carl do for us. You guys are amazing and my business will never be the same because of your awesome ideas. Thanks for a bright future ahead! - Kenton

You make it fun and you are patient with us and you make things very enjoyable to be a part of. You are truly on the cutting edge of what is happening right now, and I feel like you stay one step ahead in terms of sterring us. I am really enjoying it, sir, and just wanted you to know. - Pat

This presentation has been one of the most valuable of all the information you have given us. I love all this education and information on how to use programs and the Internet. Many thanks to all of you for making this available and I look forward to many more hours. Keep up all the good work! - Alyce

When class ended yesterday, I sincerely had a new confidence that if I just followed your lead, I would break through the 4-6 loans a month mindset, and start building to double-digit units closing each month. You probably don't need to hear this, but you and your staff and the format you have developed really help guys like me. I am fortunate to have found you! - Michael awesome weekly tip this week!!!! Wow, they keep getting better and better--you guys literally have saved my career and my life since I joined. You have no idea--THANKS a million - Richard

Thanks, Tammy--I cannot express me gratitude enough to you, Carl, Ralph, Scott, Jim, Cameron, Pat and all of the other animals for providing a supporting such an awesome environment in which to grow personally, professionally, and build life-long friendships. - Gwenn